Nate Logan

What a Final Year in Space Did to Nate Logan

He experienced all the side effects, but not all at once. First, his dreams became disturbing: every night he rolled through his hometown in a tank and destroyed various high schools. This lasted two weeks. After the dreams ended, he developed a useless sense of déjà vu: while running on a treadmill he swore he saw the same asteroids out of the window. There was a cat that slinked past the kitchen, but he had not brought a cat with him. Once this side effect began, it remained, appearing every now-and-then. Thirdly, and perhaps most troubling, he got the intense urge to play piano. He constructed a shabby piano from the supplies available and belted out Bach's masterworks. He would be at the "piano" night and day, stopping only to get cheese and crackers from the kitchen where he would sometimes see a cat that may or may not have been there.

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